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Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday night

Saturday night, the girls had dates to Preference, a girls choice dance. The new thing to do now on school dance dates is to have a 'Day date'. Activities can include, dinner, bowling, mini-golf, any number of things that teens like to do on regular dates I suppose to let them get out and have a relaxed and casual time before getting all 'spiffed up'. A time to get wild and crazy without worrying about ruining a rented tux or $200 dress.

Rachel's date consisted of only dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant and the dance. Which was plenty- I have no photos of her as their driver (a girl from another couple) picked her up before picking up her date, so I will post them when they get the dance pictures back.

She did however get these from her dad, while they were primping for the dates.
(And another dozen pink roses from her date at the dance- SCORE!)

Beautiful, and VERY unexpected! As a mother I cannot help but think that my other daughter felt a slight pang of hurt. Not by my younger daughter, more the fact that her 16th and so many other birthdays for all of my children, just didn't cross his mind.

He is just not the type of person who thinks beyond his nose... But no sense worrying about that. He will NEVER 'Get it'. And - It was great for Rachel!

Chantel's Pre-date, date was a movie and snacks at our house.
Although they were to eat a large, expensive meal at one of those Benihana type Japanese steakhouse's and they girls didn't want to ruin their appetites, the boys managed to fit both.

Chantel chose a movie called 'I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry' a comedy about two men who pose as domestic partners in order that Chuck can get pension benefits for his kids. The movie was hilarious but had some parts that made the teens blush to have me in the room. Nothing wrong with that! Was kinda fun for me to watch them squirm!
There were some side-effects to the movie watching however....

Exhibit A:

Chantel, Brandon, Josh and Josh's Date Jenn

Watching the movie... but then!!!!

Exhibit B-
The boys took the movie a LITTLE too Literally!
Your dates are the girls!!
Then they went home and got gorgeous...
Sorry about the red eye. I really need a new camera!

Doesnt Josh look like a man from those old time- old west pictures in that second one?
He and Brandon almost look like free standing, cut-out dates. Or that they belong in Madame Tussaud's famous museum.
More pictures from both dates forthcoming...
I just love being a mother of teenagers who love life and try to stay out of the drugs, drink and drama (soap opera kind)!

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