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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's Mine is Yours

Raising teenage girls has for the most part, been a blast! We shop together, like the same movies, like to eat at the same restaurants, have the same playful and goofy demeanor. We are like best friends. The girls can talk to me about anything, I think.
We just enjoy each others company.
Although I have a really great relationship to my son too, there is just a special bond between a mother and her daughters.

Does this bond carry over to sharing clothes? Ugh! Most times without consent!

I have never been one who wears out clothes and shoes. Don't know why, my sister could get a new pair of sneakers the first week of school, by November hers would have holes and the sole would be hanging on, and even grass stains. I was her polar opposite, shoes would last me well into the next year. This pleased my mother, however, wanting to fit in with the new style each year, this could be a bit disheartening for me.
My sister and I rarely had the same tastes in style, and I don't recall we ever wore the same size shoe. So most times she would need a new pair not long after getting her first pair, and my mom always tried to be fair so I too would get to choose a new (albeit cheap) pair. So I most always had more.
With my daughters, one wears a size 6 1/2 tiny- one wears an 8 1/2 or even a 9. They also have a difference in taste. So there is not much in the way of stealing or sharing shoes. Clothes are another story entirely!
Lucky me! Not only can both my girls fit into almost all my shoes. But also most of my clothes. Things of mine that go into the wash- never to return. This would not be so bad, other than the times I actually want to wear something that I cannot find, something that is mine. But my girls seem to have my sisters genes when it comes to clothing wear. Things just never come back in the condition they were when they went AWOL.
Just the other night, while watching TV together, I looked over at my oldest daughter, nice clean white glistening tennis shoes... they caught my eye because her shoes never look that new- not even when they are new!
Thing is, I don't even wear the latest styles. Not that I don't want to. But after attempting to keep them up on their own fashions, not much in the way of funds for dear old mom. So why is it that mine are so appealing? Boring, no brand names, no cool logos.
Ahh yes- They are well taken care of!
Even as I sit and write this, I notice odd colored stains on my winter coat. It has not been out of the closet all summer. I know I didn't put those there!
Pishaw! At least my son doesn't take my clothes- well all of them anyway.

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