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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Jack

When my son turned 16 he begged me for a puppy. He promised to take care of that puppy all by himself (I know, I know). He did a pretty good job considering he had such a busy 16 yr old agenda. But I lost a lot of household items in the process. There were times when I wanted to open the door, let him go and never see him again- the dog not the son. It has been a trial and an expense having Black Jack in our lives, but over time we have all come to love him dearly.

Black Jack is a very energetic dog, so much so that it is nearly impossible to take him for a walk. The very thing that would help to calm his energy. It has taken a while to get Black jack to calm enough to have company without putting him in the yard. Drove my parents crazy. Now they are better together. A lot less stress for all of us. The dogs will still have to be put out when the baby (my great nephew) is around. But things are a lot better now especially that there are no longer chewed up DVD covers or eighty dollar dog-at-large fees. Mark my words- no more puppies for me.

We purchased this bed for Black Jack when he was about a year old and had grown too large to share the large dog pillow with our Shepard. It was a bargain and when we saw it at the store we thought it was perfect for him.

When my son walked in the house with it, The puppy thought it was perfect too. He knew exactly what it was and that it was for him, attempting to lie in it while my son was still carrying it before placing it on the floor.
As soon as Black Jack climbed in, It was immediately apparent that he had already grown too large for the bed. And we decided to return it for the larger pillow a little discouraged as our house doesn't have an excess of open space for large floor pillows.
But as my son walked to the door, Black Jack was having none of this nonsense. He grasped the pillow in his teeth and would not let my son out the door.
My son lay it back on the floor and Black Jack climbed in. He didn't fit then, and he fits less so now. But this is his spot. This is his favorite spot.
As you can see by the following pictures, he has yet to understand what we were thinking in getting rid of his bed. He is definitely one of those large dogs who thinks he is a lap dog.

He is the king of the castle- this dog owns this house!

or at least thinks he does.

Side note: bear with me on the blog format- I know nothing about HTML and I am doing my best to find my look.

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