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Friday, February 13, 2009


I find it kinda crazy that there are three holidays in this one weekend... Friday the 13th the day before the biggest love day of the year? Crazy stuff.
Valentines Day is a sweet day to tell the people that you love, how you feel about them. But I think that this is something you should do everyday, or everyday that you are in contact with them. Including yourself.
My parents will have been married 44 years this month. That is no small feat! They have taught me a lot about love, about couples, and about loving everyday no matter the outlying factors of life. My parents argue a lot, usually small stuff like which road to take, which relative said what at the last reunion, etc. But it is never a question how they feel about each other. It is also very apparent how they care about my sister and I. We are a close family and everyday is Valentines Day for us.
One year ago today I had been dating a man for about four months, I felt a bit of a connection and loved spending time with him, but things didn't seem to be progressing like they should. Still I was a bit shocked when he just seemed to fall off the face of the earth. I had purchased some fun things for him for Valentines Day, nothing real romantic (I now see that I really didn't feel a romance with him) and was waiting to hear from him what we might do for the holiday. Finally, after an entire week without so much as a text message, I called him. I hate to involve my children in my Roller Coaster love life so I pulled to the side of the road to make the call. He answered but seemed distant...long story short,I got dumped! On Valentines Day!!!
But it sounds worse than it actually was. We just weren't meant to be. What made it awkward? I had a card, a cute Chinese takeout box filled with candy- and didn't know what to do with it? It didn't feel right to eat it, nor throw it out. And so it sat in my bedroom for a few months- a constant reminder of my time with him and my foolishness not to see how he was feeling... But then I seemed to be feeling the same way. So I wondered, why hadn't I told him? I suppose it was better to be with a so-so love than none at all.
Another lesson learned.
This year? Goin' out with a girlfriend and it just might turn out to be one of my best Valentines Day's yet!
Happy Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day (tell those you love just how much you do!) and what the heck- Happy Presidents Day too! This year I will be home to spend it with the kids.
Mom, Dad, I love you more than words can ever say! and I miss you!
Tonja, who could ask for a better sister. I love you too.
All extended friends and family who might pass by this blog. I love you all!!!
Kisses and Hugs


  1. I'm spending VDay with a friend, my kids will be off at a school event. Enjoy your day. You seem to have it together.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Amy, welcome to my blog- I will check out your own blog a little more. And thank you for the compliments.


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