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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Selling yourself

I have not been on a job interview in over 3 years, and for that interview, they had contacted me and I figured I already had the job. Hard to get too stressed out in that situation. Prior to that I had not been on an interview in over 13 years. It is to say the least, intimidating.
Yesterday was my first interview since my lay-off the company I am interested in is very similar, in industry, to the past two employers I have worked for. I applied for a few positions at this company and figured I was a good fit for a couple of them at the very least. They must have felt otherwise and called me about the Junior-most of the four positions I had applied for. But I was happy to get a call and excited to let them know my qualifications first hand. But also nervous. Selling yourself is probably the hardest sale there is. Unless maybe you are narcissistic. I am not.
The interview went pretty smoothly. I got there a bit early and spoke with my friend on the phone in a nearby parking lot to use up some time. Then at 1:25 I headed in. After waiting in the lobby for approx 15 min., the receptionist paging the interviewer a few times, he walked by. I didn't recognize him as we had only spoken on the phone. However he spoke a few words to the receptionist then walked through one of the two badge-coded doors.
I heard the receptionist mumble something then looked at me. I asked her to repeat what he had said. She said I was to be meeting with someone else first, and that it would have been nice to know that. When a second interviewer came up to meet me, it was nice of her to mention to him (a few too many times) that I was on time but there was a mix-up as to whom I was to meet with first. Not a good start.
We walked through the second badge-coded security door and into his office, waited once again while a second person made her way in. Apparently their schedules are tight. The actual interview went well, I felt confident with my answers to their inquiries, I felt that I knew the tasks of the job and then some. The position they described was but a portion of a similar position I have held in the past. I met with these two, one who would be my direct report if offered the job, and a nurse I would work closely with. Next, I was to meet with his (my potential boss's) boss. However he too was tied up and I was ushered into HR.
This portion of the interview was actually with the man I had spoken with on the phone the night before regarding the job. (Also the man who passed me in the lobby.) This, I have to say was the most intimidating part of the interview process. He had the hard questions. He was friendly, as he was on the phone the night before, and polite, very polite. But his questions seemed to be some sort of psychological test. What type of boss do you like to work for? Who was the best boss you have ever had? and why? What makes you a good employee? etc. Again, I think I did well but I am sure there were a lot of ummm's and aaahhh's. Aren't we all basket cases and mental jobs when we are grilled? O.K. well I am.

Next and last, I was taken into the last interview. This man would be my potential boss's boss. He was probably the easiest- all three interviewers seemed to ask the same questions times three. Could have saved a lot of time if we were all in one room and they could ask once. But I am sure there was a reason. A test to see if my story changed perhaps. Interviewing, no matter how nice, or polite can feel a little like bullying. But I survived. He seemed a bit stressed out and overworked. In a hurry. But really interested in my credentials.
One item of the day which left me a bit uneasy was when I was walked into a lab where I will spend a good amount of my time (sans being hired) and met two of the three other people who work in the position that I was applying for. That worries me a bit. The people, the tasks of the position and the descriptions in the interview have me a bit worried I may be a bit overqualified and quickly become bored with the job.
I know this may seem as though I am tooting my own horn or feeling as though I should have an executive position because I have obtained my degree and have 16 years experience. It is not that at all, I know the work I do, I know it well. This will only be a portion of that. The numbers, the quantity of work will be more, however that is not a detriment to a single mother of three who has juggled Full time work and school for 8 years!
I need a job, I need a paycheck, I have not yet heard from them or even been offered the job yet. I know also that they have a few other positions open in the same department that have a bit more responsibility. My hope is that they understood from my interviews that I am a better fit for those openings. Maybe i am getting ahead of myself, maybe I'm being a bit inflated.
We will wait and see.

Oh, and I looked awesome in my new power suit and hair cut!
Sorry, didn't take any pictures.

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  1. You go get 'm girl. I know things will work out.

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