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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter was a nice relaxing day this year. Absolutely a beautiful day!

The girls will be home all week this week on spring break, and my parents and sister are coming to town at the end of the week it will be nice.
Sunday morning we cooked up a ham, some potato salad, and asparagus for a late breakfast, brunch. After eating we watched Mama Mia.

I had just watched it the night before but I loved it and the girls had not seen it yet. What a great mom- daughter flick to watch!

The weather was pretty warm, a bit windy, and we were stir crazy. We decided to go to the park and stretch out our limbs. We had a kite that had not been used already in the house and packed it in the car with us.
It was a perfect day to fly a kite. We ended up making a quick trip to the store to pick up two more box kites. It was relaxing and refreshing to fly kites.
There were three small kids at the park, attempting to fly a small battered kite together while their father played in a softball game nearby.
Although we offered to let them fly our kites, they most wanted to
fly their own. We were able to get theirs into the air for a while too. So much fun.

The day had a bittersweet ending as we were packing up to leave the park and I received a call from my son, who is stationed in Kansas for military training. He had bad news. It seems he will be heading to California for a month of training, then he will get to come home again for a short visit. But then, he is being deployed, this September to Iraq. It was a punch to the gut! I never thought I would celebrate my 40th birthday sending my only son into a war zone. It is my worst fear coming true.
I am as proud of him as I can be, and scared to death!

All I can do is to pray that he will be safe, that Obama will get us out of there, and that this all turns out well. Until then, I will be a nervous wreck.

I am ready! Bring on the good news, isn't it about time? Seriously!


  1. My sweet friend,
    My heart goes out to you as only a mother's can.
    You are in our prayers.
    I hope he'll be safe, quick on his feet and smart enough to act when he should and to know when to stay put!
    Bless you all

  2. thank you so much Dar. It was hard to hear. It wont happen for a few months so for now I will just need to focus my attention elsewhere.
    your blessings are definitey appreciated. And if I know my son, he will be safe, and quick and as smart as a 20 yr old can be.
    Hope you had a great easter

  3. Sounds like a great Easter. I love a good Ham. And Mamma Mia is awesome. Sorry to hear the news of your son.


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