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Monday, April 27, 2009

The new home away from home

Today was my first day at a new job. It gets a little easier each time. I have only had two jobs since I was twenty-two years old and so change is hard for me.
Although this job is pretty close to the other jobs, it is a step up. With my new degree, and my experience, I am in a better position, better pay and a little more responsibility and expectation. I am excited about it though.
The only part I don't like is the potential for some late hours and some weekends. It is probably the best time this could happen, as a single mother. My son is in Kansas and soon to be deployed to Iraq for a year, My older daughter taking a summer job working in Texas for my cousins company., and only my youngest still at home.
Juggling one car may prove to be difficult but we can work around that. She will also be quite busy this summer with plays, theatrical training and she will be practicing her singing and monologues here at home sans audience. She will be able to belt out her songs until the neighbors come knocking. And since we live on a busy street, I don't see that happening.

But- the job. Of course today was day one. And I wont have the freedoms of staying home and being able to run daily errands, but there is also something to be said for working.
I seem to have more energy when I have a reason to awaken in the morning. I seem to have clearer thoughts when I use my brain during the day. As crazy as it sounds, - except when there is terrible traffic- I love the peacefulness of a drive home solo. I can roll down the window for a breeze. I can turn up the radio for my own mobile karaoke bar if I choose. I can ride in complete silence and just enjoy the beautiful scenery in this state I live in.
I actually come home with a second wind. I get some cleaning done and am fresh for the evening.

First day is no indication but I think I will like this new chapter in my life. Sometimes you just have to grasp change and go with it.


  1. Great attitude and frame of mind! I too enjoy solitary drives after a busy day. And the image of your daughter singing and doing monologues is priceless. (When I played bass in a garage band, I'd practice at home like that.)

  2. First days are always a mixed day! But I will say I LOVE my drives to work and home - its my only quiet time - re-charges me :)

  3. Yes, we too are a really vocal family and we like to jam to our karaoke set-up together or alone. Another stress reliever.
    I was interested to see that you both also enjoy the drive. But I suppose I understand.

  4. Laura! welcome to my blog! I had a chance to look at all three of your blogs and i think you are my first reader from over the ocean. I hope you comment again. I love all the baby's and children on your sites.


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