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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My 3 Most Important Reasons for Living.

A few years ago when I was still attending night school full-time, I took a public speaking class. I actually chose to take it, as a humanities credit. Even though my friend thought I had lost my mind. A lot of my classes were requiring more and more oral presentations, and I figured it was a great way to alleviate some of my stage fright. Also, I might get a few pointers on just HOW to speak clearly and appropriately for an audience.

Those who know me, know that I can chatter away- sometimes endlessly about nonsense.. and well, it carried over into my speech class too. I went over the time limit every time! And not just a minute or two- sometimes 20 minutes. I think it was a mixture of nerves and the fact that I have no idea how to 'wrap it up'. But, the teacher liked what I had to say, and I really enjoyed the class. I want to Share here, one of my favorites.

The class project was to write a toast- it could be anything, you could toast a favorite celebrity, a relative, yourself, make up a best-man's toast, anything really.

I struggled with it for a day or two- Thought of toasting to my parents, and their long happy marriage, or to a friend or two. Then, I remembered my mother telling me about a college English paper she had written. A comparison paper, where she decided to write about my sister and I and how different and yet the same, we really were. And so, I chose my kids.

This was the result: (I got an A+! And, I didn't go over the time limit, good thing I only had three kids.)

A toast to my children. My Faith, my Strength, my Life.

To Jeremy-
My strong Boy. Both in stature and emotion. I am so proud to say you are my son. It isn’t easy for a mother to let her son get hurt, and it is not easy to hear her son tell her that it isn’t cool when she treats him ‘like a kid’. Some may say a mother makes a son soft. But somehow you found your masculinity and strength.
From the age of 7 Jeremy you have taken it upon yourself to protect and shelter your mother and two younger sisters from the scary world, such as the terrors of bullies, spiders, big dogs, and critical people. I guess it’s not so bad that we have to kill the mice our selves, everyone is entitled to their own fears.
Thank you my son. No matter how old you get to me you will always be the little boy wrapped in my arms humming with me as I rock you to sleep.

But just the same, you are my strength.

To Chantel-
The image of your mother. Tenderhearted, emotional, but also a little strong-willed. You have grown to such a beautiful young woman both inside and out. You would never turn another away; I see how it hurts you when others are callous.
I see young men turning their heads in your direction and it is bittersweet. I know the beauty they see, and I cannot believe that you have grown so fast.
You are a strong girl and can make your brother run in fear with that one certain look in your eye, turn your mother to mush with another, and all the boys turn their heads with that sweet smile & disposition. You were quite a mean spirit in your first few years, who would have known.
You are my Savior.

To Rachel-

Strong willed, independent, creative, and intelligent. You are my baby, the one I wanted to hold the longest. And yet, you were the one who didn’t want to be coddled. An independent beautiful girl. I recall when you were just 5 yrs old. Upset that you were to clean your room. You packed a bandanna with a can of beans, your toothbrush, your pajamas and your teddy. Tied it to a stick, told me you didn’t love me anymore, and with tears in your eyes, stomped out into the world. Of course you only made it around the block and came home crying that you still loved me. But your independent nature and your deep intelligence tell me that you will not stop at a mere walk around the block, I see wonderful things for you.
You are my perseverance.

Parents raise their children so that they may be strong, intelligent, faithful and complete. No-one ever tells you just how much the reverse is true.
We are growing everyday together.
Here’s to my children, my strength, my faith, and my perseverance.
I love you.
Hope you like it, I wanted to preserve it somewhere and figured this is a good place. Thanks for letting me share.

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