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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dancing and Twirling

Last night was a busy night, we ate on the run as both girls had to be at the school by 5:00.

Chantel had a Color Guard performance with the band on the football field, because of the drama production at 7:00, they had to start this before the sun went down and we were looking right into the sun. Tough on the eyes, even with sunglasses on, but the pictures turned out better than I thought.

Blurry though- I just love the outfits/costumes they had this time. Very feminine and cute.

At one point they asked one member from each family to step onto the field with the band member, so that they might feel what it is like for their student to march....

Luckily- for safety reasons, parents of color guard were asked to stay in their seats?! I suppose maybe my reputation precedes me.

So we watched the 'other' family's getting lost on the field, quite a site- it is fun to laugh at others expense once in a while.

Then the band played another couple of numbers. And they sent the color guard to the back...

Hard to get pictures of them tossing their flags and catching them in sync with each other. What a beautiful fall evening it was- even with the sun in our eyes.

As it got a closer to the end of the program, the sun was just setting, absolutely beautiful backdrop

Then, it was inside and in approx. 10 minutes following the band production, the drama performance started.

Here is a short movie of Rachel's dance number, (she is in blue- in the back) it is a depiction of Shakespeare's 'Mid-summer's Night dream' enacted to a modern song.

The video is grainy and hard to see because of the white backdrop and dark theatre but the pictures I took are worse!

The only picture to turn out was this of her in her costume and there is a blur from someone running behind her.. drama students are sooo well dramatic!

Sweet thing though, Devon brought her a daisy and a hug... sweet! we tried to get a picture but so many drama students running through.. we were too slow.

Here she is with a Friend- Grace, seems they have worked out a little warm-up routine of their own..

Silly girls!

It was such a beautiful night, I didn't take the car. So we walked home.

Which was sweet except our street has no street lights and well, I stumbled over everything there was to stumble over, and I think i flipped Rachel in the face with a tree branch or two--- sorry Rachel.

and then, at 7:00 am this morning, Rachel headed off to Cedar City for the Shakespeare festival.

GOOD LUCK!!!! I love you!

See you on Saturday!

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