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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Pictures are back!

I am falling behind on my blog-

Seems the times that you don't have time to sit down and type out a few sentences, it is often because you are so busy. Out doing a TON of stuff that you would LOVE to be writing about and sharing. Such is the case this week.

The previous post was a bit on the unhappy side so I would like to share some happier times.

First off- The girls got pictures back - from not just one dance but two- their mother is very slow.

First- Homecoming, the evening I described in an earlier post- don't they look darling?

Rachel and Devon

(On the town in London it appears)

And then both couples:

Chantel and Jake

Rachel and Devon

Later- The first week of October, was Sadie Hawkins- and Time for the girls to ask the boys-
Jake had a family commitment, Chantel was to work that evening so Rachel and Devon were going alone. Turns out, Chantel ended up getting off work for her Color Guard performance that afternoon, and not knowing when they would be home, she just ended up taking off the entire day and night. Hours before the dance, not wanting to stay home and do laundry with her mother, Chantel called some of her guy friends, and found a date. Cody ended
up rearranging some other things and they double dated. This worked out well as I was in my most comfortable, favorite, stained and thread bear sweats, settled in with laundry and a good book, so it was nice I didn't have to chauffeur the girls. Here are the pictures:

Cowgirl Rachel and Indian (?) Devon.

Then the group:

Chantel and Cody
Rachel and Devon, and Kailee and I don't know her dates name.
Rachel was kind enough to point out to me, the obscene view up my older daughters skirt.... HELLO! Can the photographer not see that???? Yikes! Turn her the other direction for Pete's sake!!!
And honestly! why in the world can my daughter not feel the breeze? That prickly heat running down your neck that tells you that your 'nether regions' are on view to everyone around???

Well then there is her mother, blogging her and showing all the world. At least from this view- you cant see much. But all I can hope is that this picture was taken fast.
I guess guys aren't as into the 'costume' and dressing up as the girls! But- They had a great time and that is what matters. It is funny - crazy how the difference in my daughters personalities shows- even in pictures like this.

Update: As you can see by the difference in the two different dances pictures, Rachel decided (not the first time) she didn't want to be a blond any longer and went very Brunette. Personally- I like either color with her features, not many can pull that off- but she is my only blond child, so I suppose that is my preference...
And then Chantel called me during their first day on fall break ( a couple days they get off from school in the fall equivalent to spring break, mostly created I think because of the high interest in hunting season here in Utah) to tell me she was headed to get a hair cut- Well, to most everyone else in the world, this sounds really mundane and silly- a regular haircut or trim is part of every day life, well, silly as it may sound, at our house, it is a luxury. It is just something we don't get on a regular schedule as our money is tight and well, honestly, with girls with long hair, Inst that noticeable if you don't. We are lucky enough to have pretty thick and healthy hair, and because I have such thick hair, a color at the salon usually ends up costing me over $80 and an entire day. So I have been reduced to color out of a box- until things get paid up.

ok, but back to Chantel, since the dance at the beginning of the month, look what she has done!

Absolutely adorable!!!

Silly girl! keep your eyes open!

Well, still not a beautiful shot.... But you can see the difference in the length...

I think it suits her well.

What about you? Rachel- Blond? Brunette?
Chantel- Long? Short?

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