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Monday, October 20, 2008

Scarecrow festivities

Last thursday, my friend decided to take her kids to one of the local halloween festivals held here in our area. She and her four boys, and I and my older daughter and a male friend of hers Brandon.

It was a great evening, the weather could not have been more perfect. (well it could have been a little warmer when the sun went down but im not complaining.

Here are some photos of the evening:

Brandon is a bit shy but took a liking to this pumpkin princess- So we took a picture of the cute couple.

The first thing we decided to do was burn some of the calories we were sure to partake of later in the evening, by jumping on this cross between a gigantic pillow and a trampoline.

I'll tell ya, that was a workout- The thing was blown up pretty hard.. hard to get a good bounce, unless someone else jumps near- then you were soaring. But fun, and it helped to use up some of the boys energy I think. (I also think we might have been the only adults to go on it- Points for us!)
Then two of her boys got on some kind of go carts.

Once again- Good for using up energy!!

This picture turned out cute- the whole gang- except the

Getting ready to watch the pig races-

And yes, Brandon has on Chantels jacket... we dont ask.

Cute little Piggies...

And some Pygmy goats too!

Sent the boys off for more energy spending activities... didn't even slow them down- This silly slide sends you off to the right...or left.. it's all in how you look at it.


Short hair Chant-


Then we had some grub- really grubby grub- Case in point look how my $4.00 hamburger looks like the plastic fake food... it just might be- however- Im a carnivore so it tasted really good.

Chantel and Brandon shared this 10 ft long foot long chili dog...
Just before dark we took some group photos in an enormous rocking chair that conjures up memories of Lily tomlin as Edith Ann - "And that's the truth!'
I LOVE to feel small.

The boys- Left to Right, Cameron, Dillon, Alex, and Jesse.
Boy Alex you know how to stand out!

Blackmail material!

Silly in the barnyard animals.

Jesse, Cameron, Alex, Shar, and Dillon

(They all look so much alike! Sorry Shar if I mixed them up!)

Next, we entered the BEAST. A 100ft long inflatable monster you enter in his mouth and walk through his body hearing his heart beating, and feeling your way through his innards. It was quite dark and we had some screaming girls behind us that ruined some of the effect, at the end, literally, his end, you exit to the sounds and 'air' of his passing gas! Hilarious I thought.

The only picture I took at night was this view of the sunset.
We were lost in the maze- no really- we were lost, I think we were in there for about an hour.. They gave us clues but we are no sleuths aparently. But in our defense- it was dark enough we couldnt see our feet without light from our cell phones. This year the maze was cut to resemble our own American Idol, David Archuleta. And the piped music played all his hits. I'm ok with that.
After we found our way out of the maze- we kicked off our shoes again and jumped in a big vat of corn. It was hard to keep your footing which may be the reason these turned out blury- Well that and the millions of little ones under your feet...
Look at all that corn!!!! Horid thoughts of the poor soul who had to shuck all that corn came to mind!

Then I was buried in the corn, clean up to the neck...

My daughter insisted that when I sit up, I do it monster-like.

I took this to mean in frankenstein fashion... which I did.. As I sat up, I felt a stream, a RIVER of corn slide into my pants, right down my backside... The rest of the night as we walked around I felt corn falling down my pant-leg.
Cameron and Dillon also got buried. We finished off the night with a hay-ride. Which was nothing more than that.. a ride in a wagon, sitting on hay- kind of boring compared with last year.
Shar's Ex, showed up to grab her kidlets and then we headed home. The kids were out but I still had to work the next day. when I got home, I was still 'leaking corn' from everywhere my clothes had an outlet... the hood of the sweatshirt I wore held at least a cup. my bedroom floor was covered with kernels, I didnt feel much like vacuuming up until the next day.
A little TMI: Next morning I woke up, felt something awkward--- reached between my nether cheeks, found two kernels of dried up corn, where NO corn should ever be!

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