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Monday, October 6, 2008


Rachel is home from The Shakespeare Festival. She was just a few seconds shy of being awarded the trophy in the costume division- and it is a make it or break it contest- no second place. But I couldn't be more proud of her.
Their Dance ensemble also didn't win the award and as I hear it, there were a LOT of people who disagreed with this decision. Most of the dances were just that- the schools dance teams, performing their teams dance number- not in any way projecting a Shakespeare theme or interpretation.

But, she was invited to perform in the festival next year and as a senior, so there are still two chances for her to earn a scholarship. Good Girl! She had a blast otherwise- lots of acting workshops and she was able to speak with some of the festival founders and asked a lot of questions and opinions with an open mind. (that's my girl!) One thing that eases my mind a little is that she is seriously considering college courses there. As a mother, this is great news considering she was ready to high tail it to either NY school of performing arts, Julliard, or UCLA, none of which we can even begin to afford, and also none of which is in a city that I want my (hopefully 18 at the time) daughter to be alone in. Especially if she will be so far from me as she is alone. And at least in the first few years, Drama, performing, can be such a self-esteem crushing, mind-numbing, cruelly critical, very open and public forum.
And she is my baby- she is strong, she is independent, and talented. But the world can be cruel just to everyday people, every walk of life, and theatre takes that to an all time high.
But- I am her mother and behind her all the way! And I will be her safe haven if she feels a need for comforts of home. -- But now - lets not get ahead of ourselves here.. that is a looonnggg time from now right? at least 2 more years! oh how they grow up so fast.

Chantel, this weekend, had a color guard competition, in the rain. as you can see her costume, in the previous post..brrrr. She came home looking like a drown rat- a cute one though, more like a cute little wet otter...
She had but a few minutes to dry off, change and head off to work, the late shift- closing. I asked how they had done. She wasn't sure but her coach said it was the best they had ever done! she was really impressed....

Later that night, while I was out bar-hopping...hehe well sorta, with my friend, celebrating my belated birthday, I got word via text message. Took 1st place tonight at the first competition of the season!!!!
That's my girl!!!

Now who could be more proud than me, sitting on cloud nine right now. A son training to serve his country and my two daughters excelling in what they love. Life is grand.

Sorry no pictures of this- Rachel 'forgot' to take pictures after the bus ride down, chantel couldnt, and well, you certainly dont want to see pictures of girls gone wild on the town.....

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