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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A -Single- Mothers Work

Well we were back at the school again, this time it was a night of performance for the chorus groups.

Both of my girls are in choral groups, this year Chantel made it into the really large A-Capella class. The teacher is a great asset to the school and they all sang so melodically. If I were the type of mother who is really on top of things and had actually thought to charge the battery on the video camera... but alas, I just watched. and listened. No historical recordings.

I even tried taking a few pictures, but like the drama performances, the white background just glares. stupid cheap borrowed camera....

See what i mean?

Rachel is the one in the white shirt and black skirt... (kidding) in front of the stark white backdrop! see her? - yeah I know....
or this one closer.

Ugh! I give up!

I was able to capture Chantel in the audience.

I would like to explain this one a little further.

They are all moving because although our local high school has a tiny tiny auditorium, the faculty thought it was a grand idea to let the chorus students sit in the audience during the performance, filling 1/3 of the seats...HELLO! I have lived in Utah my entire life! Do the not realize that not only will there be (on average) 2 parents to every performer but also, (on average) 4-5 siblings? not to mention grandparents and aunts, uncles.... no one in Utah attends any function alone! oh wait! Except me.
So- this is a picture of the very large (see pic below) A-Capella choir which abandoned their seating for family members... what a Grand Idea!

Taking pictures for the yearbook.

The bulk of the performance I missed because of a mother and her child next to me. I am not one to judge and my children are not ALWAYS angels, however, a mother who speaks baby talk to a child of at least 5 just strikes that one nerve in my head-- the one that starts the twitch response in my eyes..

I don't mind kids at all, most times it is the parents that drive my last nerve. I, unlike my older sister was never one of those parents who could 'tune-out' the whining, screeching, crying of my children. What every other adult in the room heard out of my child, was exactly what I heard.

Needless to say- I shut them up- or took them out. Now once again, let me reiterate, I did not have angelic children all the time, but I missed many a program, many a meal, stopped shopping much sooner than I anticipated, and didn't go out nearly as often as I may have liked. But, it only took one or two times, sitting in a sweltering or chilly car, going home from a party before the entertainment showed up, and
My children learned how to behave in public. ok ok now- sorry- back to the real point of this posting--- the girls.
(Note: I dont deserve mother of the year award, and feel a little bad I said all this- just venting- besides- they can vent back at me on thier own blogs, right?)
The concert really was great and they will all do wonderfully in Disneyland next spring.

Speaking of Disneyland- Chantel's Color guard group along with the Marching band are also going to Disneyland-the end of this month. Honestly- you hate to see them not go, after all the work they have put into it but do they think that I make $100,000 a year? seriously- I now know why the teachers are all squawking for pay raises, when in reality they make more than I do.

ok. ok. Off my soap box. Who am I to judge--- actually, I'm not judging- parenting is not that easy. But I do think that some make it out to be harder because the parent acts like the child.

ok one more beef--- why is my tiny 4'9in girl on the top row??? huh? wha? can you see the tiny head peeking out right there in the middle? see the girl in front? back to the camera? go up two heads... that is my daughter... how do you get a picture, with a crappy camera no less, when she cant see over the girls(s) in front of her? alright, well anyway- it was still a nice night.

I also saw an old friend from high school. Robert Gneiting. He said I look the same- Liar! And he actually does look the same... well, with less hair, but then, we all had big hair back then (even the guys) and so it is a good thing if he has less.

That reminds me, I got home from work last night and turned on Ellen, I love her. She is having a contest of 'the ugliest picture ever!' hehe and one person sent in a photo of about 5 girls in a picture from their teen days in the 80's. It brought back so many memories. It could have been any group of girls in any high school all over the U.S. and it would look the same.... soo funny.

OK, not THAT funny, being that I used to have the same big hair and tight legged (pegged) pants.... I do miss the 80's. And my poor children have to relive it with me as I have purchased a DVD of Micheal Jackson's music videos, all the Molly Ringwald and Brat Pack movies (we also own some sixteen candles T-shirts), and STYX, Genesis, Police, and REO Speedwagon CD's. Sorry kids- you can do it to your own kids someday.

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