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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another one becoming an adult

My older daughter turned 18 today. I don't feel old enough to have two kids who are no longer kids.

When I was pregnant with her, I was a young mother of a boy just turning a year himself. I was 22 years old, in my second year of a two year degree in college and my husband was on active duty serving a 5 month stint in Germany for desert storm. By the time May rolled around and she was ready to meet this world he would not be home for another month.

My due date was not for another 7 days, I was due on my mothers birthday and although it would prolong the swollen ankles for another week would have loved to have her on that day. But on the seventh, after showering for my doctors appointment that afternoon my water broke, in a slow leak sort of way (sorry to the squeamish) and I still arrived at my appointment and waited for the doctor to tell me to 'get to the hospital right away' even though i was alone at my appointment.
I was already dilated three sonometers (not sure that is correct?), and feeling no pains what so ever.
My first pregnancy had some complications but the labor pains for me seem to be mild and late coming.
I walked into the hospital doors and checked myself in. I still remember the look on the nurses face as I told them I was in labor. And surly showing no signs.
By the time they had me in a bed, the pains started, my mother and mother in law showed up and less than 45 min. later, she was here.
As a baby, she was a spitfire, her mild mannered brother didn't have a chance with her.
Now she is turning eighteen, and facing her own future and I could not be more proud! not only is she mild mannered but so caring of others, so tender hearted.
Happy Birthday baby!
Although I miss my little girl, I cant wait to see how you tear your own path in this world.

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