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Friday, May 1, 2009

Its raining on prom night.....

Well, it will be. The Forecast calls for rain.
But it is more than just the clouds in the sky that might rain on this prom night.

Tomorrow night will be my older daughters senior prom. I am so excited for her. I was lucky enough to go to two senior proms, both mine and my ex husbands. We went to different schools but dated most of our high school years. (which is not what I wish for my girls at all)

My daughter has a pretty steady boyfriend which I have my own opinions about however she is not attending prom with him. As I mentioned in an earlier post.

The boy who offered to take her in his place, ended up not being able to go something about school grades or another teenage misstep which his parents felt warranted missing an extracurricular like a dance. Although we had found a killer dress for her at a going out of business sale, just before Christmas she was not going to be able to wear it because she had not found a date.

One of the many things that make me proud of my daughter is her ability to make and keep friends. She is a great person with a big heart and it comes back to her in large quantities from friends. Well, yet another boy has stepped up. She will be going with another friend and I am so happy. She is still steady with the boyfriend and I asked her how he was handling this?
She said, she talked to him and told him if he does not like to go to dances, that she is not going to miss it because he doesn't want to go.
Good for you my girl!

Tonight I turned down a drink with some friends so that I could work my charm on her dress to make it school appropriate. Adding a panel to cover skin that might show through the lacing. Very stringent dress codes in this school. She is working tonight and missing a night with the girls isn't bad because we are going to see a favorite band of mine playing tomorrow night anyway.

My other daughter, my baby, is also gone this evening and I am now enjoying my quiet evening.
I am proud of her too as she is just now attending an anti-prom party. Although she is only a sophomore and shouldn't be worried about not having a date to the prom, she and a group of girlfriends who are dateless for the festivities tomorrow night have decided to get together and have their own fun. Why they chose to celebrate the night before prom, is beyond me unless a girl or two are still holding out hope they might still get that phone call?
Way to be babe! party without the boys! Can be just as fun.

You will have to wait for a later post to see the dress, it is worth it! I would take pictures now but I just don't think it looks as nice on the hanger.

Busy times in this household. I hope I can handle a late night out after my first full work week in three months. I am sure I will be able to. But Sunday morning might be another story. For all of us! Might have to pop in a movie and become one with the sofa.- and each other.


  1. You and your daughter both rock! Her, for going to prom anyways. You, for fixing up her dress. My daughter is going to a junior prom this year, her first big dance. I haven't seen the dress yet (she and her mom just picked it out yesterday), but I will give it the dad approval before she heads out that night. Exciting times. Seems like my own prom was just yesterday...

  2. Thanks DH
    I bet your daughter will have a blast! My girls have both been to a lot of dances, mostly because they ask the boys. I know what you mean about our own proms back in the day.


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