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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day and Such

My mothers day started out a little on the harsh side but not unlike days I have become accustomed to.
Late sleeping girls, who at first glance seemed to have forgotten what day it was...But then my daughter began to spontaneously clean house.. dishes, and bathroom. Resulting in a clogged drain.. which ran onto the kitchen floor... and smelled of rotting food.
I had just stepped out of a shower, completed my hair drying and styling, I was smelling fine.
Then had to clear a clogged U-trap.
However, the rest of the day was very nice and relaxing.
Ever since the kids were tiny, we have spent many a Sunday on a day trip.
Before seat belts were the law, and before I got my senses, We used to put down the back seat in our ford explorer, spread out some blankets and pillows and create a mobile play-pen of sorts. We would choose a town on the map, and drive until we found it. There are enough really great places just a short drive from home. My kids learned how to behave on long rides, and it was nice quality family time.
If the kids ever got restless, we could usually find a park or nice off-road path to keep their attention. Often they would nap on the ride and wake up even happier.
I am sure there were days when we had a cranky kid or two, but honestly, I don't recall them.

My mothers day was similar to one of these 'Sunday drives'. We loaded up the car, (forgot the Cd's- wont do that again) and drove south. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The conversation was fun and light. We stopped for snacks and bathroom breaks as needed and just had one wonderful day, the three of us.

We saw some really beautiful places and even a little bit of history in some old charcoal ovens from the late 1800's. Bonus! I got to try out my brand new digital camera (no more borrowing my girls).

I missed seeing my mother, I did give her a call just before we left town, and that helped. I will see her in a couple weeks.

I was still nice to be with my own girls. I miss my boy. He was able to send me his own Mothers Day message from his training in California.

All- in-All Great Mothers Day. Best way to spend Mothers Day is with those who make you a Mother!

Look closely - there is wildlife in this one!


  1. What a great day trip. Those rock formations are beautiful! Happy Mother's day!!

  2. Found you through Dad's House and Seth Simonds... and I'm so glad I did. (My name is Rachel, like your daughter's). And our Mother's Day was very similar: outdoors, in the sunshine, with my kid and friends. We were bird watching...

  3. DH- thanks, it was a great day! they were really just some old charcoal ovens built in the late 1800's but didnt they look awesome with the blue sky?

    SMS- Welcome to my blog, I am glad you came too. I had a gander at yours and will absolutely return. Hope you do so as well.

    I always appreciate your comments.

  4. I'm glad your Mother's Day was enjoyable. And DH is right, the photos of your day trip are great. There's nothing like spending a relaxing day (we'll ignore the sink thing) with your children. :)

  5. Great pictures! Sounds like a great Mother's Day and a wonderful adventure!

  6. Sounds like a pretty darned good Mother's day! Very neat part of the world.

    Sink thing? Blerg. Been there. Done that. And a couple of times a year, I wake up after a rain storm and my dining room is underwater.

  7. soloM- thanks, yes me too on the sink, at least once a year!
    Sorry about your dining room..ugh
    One of my old posts is about our laundry room... which has flooded about 4-5 times now.
    Maybe we should build an ark


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