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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Nature Walk

Tonight my girls went to MORP. If you did not notice, it is PROM spelled backward. And it is exactly that- a girls choice dance where everything is the opposite of prom. No formal dresses, tuxes, no limos, or flowers. They wear jeans and the theme was NEON- but more on that later when all the pictures are back.

After helping the girls get their 'show on the road' I settled in and figured I would find a good movie, some snacks and relax. However mother nature grabbed hold of me and shook me to tell me that this was one of the best weather days we have had in a long time! And what was I doing inside?!

Ok stay with me here. I have not lost my marbles and nobody by the name of mother nature said anything to me. What happened was I got restless and a bit stir crazy and although most of my morning I tortured my poor body in the yard, I just didn't feel like sitting in on a day like this!

And so, I took a walk. Alone. In the worst choice of shoes I own. My flat leather flip-flop-ish sandals. And just like Forest Gump started ruunnnin'- I began walking. And it was great. This time of year is the season for lilacs.

I leaned in and took a good sniff of every bush I passed. Yum I love that scent and it doesn't last very long as the flowers die off after only a few weeks.

I walked clean across town and took a few more photos and just really enjoyed the walk for what it was. And now, I am sitting, and stiffening up a little and my feet are a bit sore.
But it was worth it.

Look what I saw on my way home!This!

And would you believe I took these pictures with my cheap, didn't cost me a dime, Sony Ericsson non- I-phone, cell phone?
And now I will just wait for the girls to get home and tell me how their evening was.


  1. LOVELY!!!! Walks like that are sometimes JUST what you need to recharge your soul a bit!

  2. Isn't it nice when one crazy decision makes the whole day even better.

  3. popping in from Hot Dad's blog - I love the idea of girls asking boys - finally they can sweat it! Plus going for a walk must be in the Spring air- that is what I blogged about today too.

    Thanks for letting snoop around your bloggy place

  4. Laura- yes exactly! it did recharge for a while!

    Bobbi Janay- haha I am all about the crazy spontaneous decisions just ask my kids the predicaments I get us into.

    Jules- I am so glad you stopped by. And I took a gander at your walk post and LOVED it. so nice to have fellow spring fever sufferers

  5. Beautiful pics! I love getting out in nature. That's part of the reason I cycle - I know, it's on the road, but the roads here head out into countryside.

    MORP sounds fun!


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