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Monday, May 18, 2009

Girls Night Out- Then Climbing the mountain

What a great weekend. As I mentioned in my last post, the girls went with groups to MORP. And as is the tradition here in town, they have 'day dates' prior to the actual dance.
I think it is just an excuse to get out of the house longer.
My older daughter started out their 'group day date' our house. The theme was neon and they were expecting black lights. They purchased a 6-pack of men's white T-shirts and used some bottles of neon glow paint we had used to paint the switch plates in her room when she was younger. I was really impressed as they created some adorable shirts. One of the guys had to work that day and so his date painted his shirt for him. They got a little TOO creative when he mentioned that he wanted a coconut bra on his. Lets just say, his shirt was 'bra-less'. Please don't be hatin' it was intended as a joke. And truly more cartoonish than anything. Teen-age potty humor. (and if you look at some of the pictures, you can pick out Colton- and why he deserved it. Look for the diaper skirt)
They had also purchased some glow sticks, grass skirts (which they also painted) and some leis for the party.
When Colton arrived, they showed him his shirt and he turned 10 shades of red. Then he said 'I cant wear THAT to dinner!' But put it on anyway. My daughter was laughing so hard she totally missed a picture but this is a family friendly blog anyhow. Honestly if I didn't take pictures they would have none!

So they finally let him in on the joke and gave him his real shirt sporting a neon orange skull. Anyone interested in a T-shirt with a rather ahem, inappropriate theme?
They headed out for laser tag then dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, then the dance, I hear that there were not near enough black lights and my girls hogged the few there were all night.. I didn't teach them to be so selfish- really.
My younger daughter and her group spent a day in the park. They grilled steak- yes steak. I did not go shopping with her. I understand that one girl brought a TV with movies! I don't understand TV - at the park??! They too had some rad neon clothes, but I didn't get to see them and they took NO pictures! sigh. They both had a really great time. I cannot believe they are already getting so old. And I am so proud that they are able to spend this time in groups and I don't fear their integrity. Good girls.

Well, its official. I just cant seem to keep still in this lovely weather.
After letting the girls sleep in after their late night out I woke them up with a promise of breakfast out. Then after I had them in the car, mentioned that we should once again take the opportunities that the weather is giving us to enjoy the mountains.
And so we headed into the wilderness once again. This time I knew right where we were as I grew up in this particular canyon. Well not literally, but we camped there many a weekend.
the road we wanted to take was still blocked as it is early in the season and high altitude snow often makes them impassible. We drove as high as we could then pulled into a parking area. We got out to stretch and I saw a trail head and talked the girls into a short hike.
we took some great pictures of the gorgeous trail. But about 2 miles in, my younger daughter began to feel ill and we headed back down. Still worth it!
she slept all the way down. We stopped in a few picnic areas to view the swelling river on our drive down.

We talked about how fast the river was moving and how deep with all the winter run-off. I said how sad it is to think that this is the time of year when toddlers who are not watched closely fall in the river. it can happen so quickly and I can't imagine the sorrow of the parents.
And wouldn't you know it! the nightly news had just such a story. Breaks my heart! And makes me a little angry too... hold on to your babies!


  1. Great photos! Sounds like a good time was had by all. And I agree with you...TV at the park?

  2. Thank you SD- I got myself a new camera for Mothers Day. Now I am becoming a bit of an amateur photographer or sorts. There is so much beauty where I live. Only wish I had the time to take more of my kids when they were younger.

  3. WOW the wilderness looks beautiful!! And their MORP outfits are very cool :)

  4. Thank you Laura, it IS beautiful!

  5. MORP sounds fun. Their hula outfits are great. And the nature pics - fantastic! I want to hike there!!

  6. HD- They had a blast at MORP, Thank you about the pics, I'm just learning photog. and c'mon over!


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