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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memories- Making New, Remembering Old and Fearing Potential

Our Memorial Day holiday began somewhat early we packed a picnic and headed to the lake. This picnic was supposed to occur on Saturday or Sunday but the rainy weather deterred our plans. I don't mind the rain, it smells incredible. But this early in the season, it tends to make me cold and then usually sick.But this morning turned out beautiful! My daughter brought a friend, and we met a friend of mine who had a rare long weekend without her kids.
We roasted hot dogs, and marshmallows. Ate homemade summer salads, fresh vegetables, and some other snacks not as good for us. We played ball, and threw a frisbee, and took a short walk/hike to the shore of the lake. It was really relaxing and nice weather to boot.

During the day, I tried unsuccessfully to get a hold of my son. He is at military training this month in another state and they are training for his next mission in Iraq. A day like memorial day, when we are all remembering the family members we love, and miss, I miss him terribly. There are many military thank you events this weekend across our state. Although I think that they serve a very important purpose, they bring up emotions in me that I am not sure I am ready to face. So we picnic. And think about happy things.

Memorial Day has also been the day, since I was a very small child, my mother would take us to the cemetery's to remember and celebrate our family that had passed. As I have mentioned here before, my parents recently moved approx 300 miles from here. So, my girls and I purchased some daisies and took them to their burial spots.
I never knew my fathers father. He passed away when my older sister was a baby. But I feel connected to him through my grandmother, who passed when I was pregnant with my second child. I also feel close to him through stories that my parents tell.

This past summer, when we were packing my parents house for the move, I found a box. In that box, I found old pictures and dance cards. I also found high school journals of my fathers parents in their high school courting years. I read in their own words, how they fell in love. And both journals continue through their engagement and marriage. It was amazing to read those. They are now framed in my parents house. A gift for his birthday. The pages open to the date of their engagement. Don't we all wish we had a book of our family past written by them journal style?

My mothers mother, also died young. When I was just about to turn five years old. I remember her, but not well. Her husband, my grandfather passed away only a couple years ago. We were very lucky to have had a long time with him near to us. But i think he was ready to see her again.

I miss them all! Terribly. But I see bits of them in my parents. And even in my own children.
Remembrance is so important and I try to tell my children all I can remember. Especially my youngest! Talk about a steel trap memory!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone- hope it was great. Miss you Mom and Dad.


  1. I love that you do so many outdoors things with your kids. They will cherish these times and remember them always!

  2. Thank you DH- I have always tried to keep them busy. Now I find as I get older, that I need the exercise and some days have to make them go.. but It is worth it. And we are very close to each other because of it.
    We do have our days on the couch however :)


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