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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prom went off without a hitch

Well, we got the dress completed and school appropriate and The knight showed up sans stead and armor to whisk her away to a true Italian dinner and then they danced the night away until the morning light.

I am so happy that she went. Although she has been to many dances, I did not want her to miss her prom. And there is nothing better than to have a fun date, and he was fun. Cant you tell by the crushed hat?

His boutonniere matches perfectly to her dress and see that HUGE flower that she is holding? She is not holding it, that is her corsage isn't it awesome? I am not an expert on flowers but I think it is a Zinnia. I doubt there are any teenage boys out there reading this blog, but if there are, get your girl one of these awesome flowers.

I also had a night out on the town. My friend and I do it almost too often but Saturday night there was a band playing at a nice club we frequent. I love this band and have not had opportunity to hear them play for many years.

Saturday night they were as good as ever. Also, a usually dead bar was a lot busier. My friend and I danced until we were wishing for some cool air which made the drinks go down a little too easily. I was nursing an upset stomach and after a few too many western swings spinning me like a washing machine agitator, I was ready to go home.

It was nice to get out...again. And much better than the nights she and I sit and stare at each other while men pass us by. We still are not sure why. We do get attention but usually from the really seedy creepy types, or else men old enough to be my father. No offense dad!

My younger daughter went to a friends to put together a DVD for a friend who moved. We were all busy doing our own thing. We all need these nights.

We all came home about the same time and were too tired to talk about our evenings until the next day. My daughters face just lit up talking about the night out! Whilst pulling the 2,456 bobbie pins from her hair.

I love having girls!


  1. What a cute couple and they matched so stylishly :) LOVELY!

  2. How great that she had so much fun! My daughter goes to prom in a week and a half... she's excited :-)

  3. they looked so cute!! and it sounds like everyone had a good night!! LOVE THAT!!:)

  4. Laura- Thank you, yeah I think they look adorable and they had a blast.

    DH- I cant wait to hear about your daughters night? Or see the pictures? I am excited for her!!!

    Debbie- thanks I am with you.


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