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Monday, September 15, 2008

State fairs, Dates and Mom and Daughter time.

As I was beat from working in the yard and cleaning all morning, Saturday night I didn't do much at all. A little TV, a quick fast food burger and then the guilt of eating said burger.

But I did get a chance to meet daughter number one's latest date. Jake.
Here is a picture:
How cute they look, Honestly, it is nice to see her go out with a boy who is just genuinely interested in going out and having a good time. These days even the teen boys seem to be filled to the brim with soap opera drama. But not Jake.

Some of the boys my daughter has gone out with are just in such a hurry. Relax boys, live in the moment. you are only 17 for god's sake.

Plenty of time for drama later.

I love when the kids come home at night from being out with dates, or even friends and after I get past my half-sleep induced stupor, we sit on my bed and talk about what great fun they have had. Not only do I get to re-live their evening with them, the same laughter and excitement that they experienced earlier in the evening, But I feel a closer connection with my kids that they feel comfortable enough to share it with me.

As I understand it, Chantel and Jake had a great time, dinner at Noodles and Co., a walk through the mall, talk of more food. (He is a teen boy) a view of the city lights, (for you locals, no, they did not go to squaw peak). An he was full of compliments on her outfit, comparing her to his own kid-like attire (his words) including his transformers belt buckle. I may be partial, but she did look cute.

Sunday we had plans of watching our latest netflix arrival, and settling in with some popcorn and getting laundry caught up, but we were all feeling a little stir crazy and well, there are few warm days of summer left. So we saddled up (figuratively speaking) for the state fair, for some mom and daughter bonding.
The theme for the fair this year was Out of the ordinary- I have to agree:

We had funnel cakes and greasy corn dogs, saw the tigers, viewed livestock, watched a magic show and some great artists. It seems that I like the entertainment of some 'up and comers' better than some stars who are getting paid millions.
The fine arts and photography entries were so amazing. I felt a little better at having forgotten the camera. Let's just say- not only are my pictures not crystal clear, but as you can see from the few I have posted here, I have not quite figured out how to avoid shadows or the sun, and in some instances, even my thumb. But, Wow! The talent in the state of Utah.

Amidst the excitement and the all too familiar sights and smells of the fair, I did feel a bit of melancholy too. It seems that the fair, as with every other event in this state, has come under the wrath of commercialism. Of course there were livestock barns, and crash Derby's and sideshow cars of yesteryear. But the main thoroughfare and most of the barns were filled with commercial sales booths. The same booths that I see in every carnival, festival, or event held locally every year. Filled with cheap, but overpriced homemade jewelry, latest kitchen gadgets cook wear, and cable TV services.

What happened to the home town, home grown, fare at the fair? Where are the greased pig races? Where are the pie eating contests? Does anyone still grow the largest squash or pumpkin? I miss the old days of simplicity and home grown. Of overalls and hay rides. Sure I see these things from time to time, at different festivals, but they all seem to have a city flair, a commercialism, and with it, a high price tag.

I am sure that in some of the smaller Utah towns there are events that take you back to another time. Possibly, we as a family, will venture out to the small towns of Utah soon. Such as, Oakley, Salina, or Fairview, and see a small town rodeo or a demolition derby. I need to get out of the city air and breathe.
Note to self: Next time wear better shoes.

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