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Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Year older and deeper in debt....

OK. I know that isn't how the song goes but, that is how I am feeling today. Teenagers are expensive! Here it is, Friday- yah!, Pay-day- yah!, and my birthday- yah! and I am flat broke!

Yes, on pay day! As soon as the money hits my accounts, it is gone like a wave. It is bad when you are depressed on your birthday - not because you are another year older, but because Christmas is but a few months from now and the savings account is depleted.

Now, don't get me wrong. We don't live a life of poverty, we have food, shelter, even cable TV. A big part of my being penniless is the shiny wires glued onto my beautiful girls teeth to make them that much more gorgeous. And the endless dollars paid for their school group functions that are over the top, and for their group trips to places I have yet to go. We live a great life. My kids don't always have the latest gadgets, the designer clothes, or a car of their own (gasp). But we do fine.

The kids are not close with their father, he lives too far, doesn't call enough, and doesn't know what to say when he does. He pays support because he has to. It is taken from his checks. He doesnt know that it doesnt go very far.

But he also doesn't know what he is missing.

Because he also doesn't get to say 'I love you' with hugs every morning and every night, (his choice). He doesn't get to see them grow taller and more intelligent with every passing day. He doesn't get to hold them when the latest boyfriend or girlfriend breaks their heart. He doesn't get to see them perform their talents in color guard, and drama. He doesn't get to play dress up and hair salon this Saturday when the girls go to homecoming. He doesn't get to give the boys the 'be good to my daughter and have her home early or else' glaring stare as pictures are taken on the stoop... and oh so many more memories and emotions too numerous to mention.
nope- these are our memories.

And I wouldn't trade them, not for all the money in the world (pardon the cliche').

Second thought.... I am the richest woman in the world.

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