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Monday, September 29, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Friday night Chantel worked, Rachel went to the homecoming game and stag dance, and I (although it was my birthday) stayed home and worked on the broken clothes washer.
There was a bit of excitement at the local eating establishment that my girls work at. It seems that one of the crew chiefs, (age 17) and a prior employee (age 17) decided that the $4000 in the safe was a little too tempting to leave be. After telling a few co-workers they were headed for Vegas then to Mexico, they (unbeknown to the co-workers) helped themselves to the money and headed out of Dodge.
They were later apprehended in Chicago... yeah me thinks the Vegas bit was a ploy to get the authorities off the trail. uh duh. Silly kids- now they will be paying for that foolishness for a long time.
So, now my daughter is even less happy with her job as all of the remaining employees are now being treated as criminals. They must now all be overly supervised. The one who took the money was known as the bosses favorite. I guess that has changed.

On a lighter note: Saturday was a busy day for us....
After relaxing with a cup of coffee and a crossword while the girls slept in, we started on the boutonnieres for the dates that night, so much more cost effective to make our own. $10 for a bunch of roses is a lot cheaper than $10 for one rose and a pin from the florist.
I regret I did not take any pictures of the flowers we made...
Here is one of the purple flower (we made) already pinned on. Thank god for photo editing.

Not bad for an amateur I suppose.
umm- I will say- it was a bit intimidating to find out, that her date Jake's mother and sister, own a florist shop. Yikes! Talk about pressure!

Here is a really bad shot of the beautiful creation that he gave her. He was so sweet, said he helped put the pearls on.

We began getting my older daughter ready around noon as he was coming to get her at around five. She had been perusing pictures of prom hairstyles for a week and could only find some that we had no idea how to accomplish. Here are some photos of this process....

First straightening, Then curling,
A little makeup, Finally she was beautiful. (o.k. she was already beautiful, but now she was gorgeous...)
So much was going on simultaneously- Running between the girls, Daughter number two had purchased a dress a while back, that was her style completely! Think Ginger Rogers... well she got it for under $10 but- In Utah you are not allowed to show any skin.. I think it is a mortal sin or something.. so in order to keep her from being ousted from her very first date dance, we had to do a little bit of
Cinderella-esque, bippity boppity boo... and this is what I was working with.
This glitter fabric, a dress that my daughter got for a steal, and a little elbow grease to create sleeves on the sleeveless. All while running between the bedroom salon wielding a curling iron, and the kitchen table sewing room, Covering those sinful spaghetti straps with gold and silver. Back to curl a few more curls. whew!
And then, a knock at the door!!! oh my! It cannot be either date! we are so far from ready- me in my dirty stained sweats and hair in a makeshift pony.. The girls running around in shorts and tanks they slept in the night before. - We were not ready for company!

Awwww it is a boy bearing gifts- flowers.. sweet little Channing (not Rachel's date) He was just here to see if Rachel and her date were eating out with he and his date. He was meeting his date at our house. Look at that bunch of roses he brought her. Looking so sharp in his tux. With Rachel and her friend Trisha who also came to help with the beauty regiment.

And then Channing's date Zanthy showed up and we were back to our tasks at hand...

You are darling- really, but we have work to do -

Now shoo!

But with all the interruptions, and all the set-backs, we managed to create sleeves on a dress,
Create two beautiful red-carpet
worthy hairstyles,
Mighty fine looking girls I say!
And then the dresses!

Please forgive their mothers horrible photography skills. (That white streak is sunlight coming from the window, not part of the dress)

But look at the sewing skills, this was sleeveless an hour ago.

Chantel's date arrived at about 5:30, handsome
bloke- more pictures.

What a darling couple!

Later, after attempting my very first time cooking halibut steak (or any fish for that matter), and pine nut couscous (or any couscous). Which according to Rachel, I get a 1 out of 2.

I guess I need to work on cooking fish

properly- and look how boring it looks on a white plate. oh well, great for the waistline if the food tastes bad eh? (and I suppose I should admit- The couscous is from a box.)

We then dressed Rachel for her date with Devon:

Enter handsome number two!

Note: I did not get a picture of Rachel's flowers because, we took her picture before we pinned his on, and her date forgot hers in the refrigerator and had to go back home.

Their picture is also taken inside as they left after it was dark outside.

Another sweet looking couple. They were so nervous!


What you may be asking, did I do with my night alone? My night of freedom to throw caution to the wind? My night after my 39th birthday when I should be celebrating?


But to get the whole effect, you have to realize that this was load number one. And as my washer has been on the mend for about 2 months, you need only close your eyes and imagine Mt. Kilimanjaro to know what I was up against. Then settled in for a movie and the smell of fabric softener.

Details on the dates later revealed that Rachel and Devon had a great time, dancing and talking, and the girls got a group photo at their first school date dance with each other. Chantel's last homecoming and Rachel's first.

Other than that, their night seemed uneventful.

Chantel's night began with an Italian dinner at one of those restaurants where you doodle on the fine table linens while you wait for your dinner to arrive. I guess the dinner must have been a while because from what I hear, they covered the entire thing.
Jake was quite the killer as he was doodling frisky flies under his plate... yes - you know what I mean. (flies making baby flies). I think he liked the shock value of whomever was lucky enough to clear their table. Then he doodled some arrows to the hottie.. and my daughter reciprocated..
sounds like they had a great time too. So it was worth the laundry- I'm so glad that they are enjoying their high school years. I tried to grow up so fast- I missed out on a lot of this.

Oh and sorry for the silly food plate and laundry in the middle of the story- but hey! such is my life.

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  1. What a wonderful day! You are an awesome versatile! And your daughters, well, I'm sure they know how lucky they are to have you (and boy are they gorgeous)!

    BTW, I love that you posted your food photos and description of your evening.

    Happy belated birthday!


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