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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Today I spent my Labor Day doing everything but laboring. I lay, relaxing with a cup of coffee this morning, then later a cup of tea while watching court TV (a vice of mine) and cuddling up in a small throw while listening to the rain and thunder of our first signs of autumn here in Utah.

I cant wait to to take the girls for a ride in the mountains to watch the colors come out soon. I am a summer child. I love the heat of summer, I love getting out into nature and I am definitely more comfortable in warm weather than cold.

But Autumn in Utah is so beautiful. I am enjoying this day. Cuddling, spending time with my daughters. Enjoying time, time that was a rarity when I was in school the past 8 years. (I just graduated from night school this past year) These little things in life make all the trials and tests all worthwhile.

Blame global warming, the seasons are not as distinct as they were in my youth. I miss that. But there is something to be said for a great and beautiful state where all four can be enjoyed in their entirety. Alas- I will close now, maybe have another cup of tea and a game of monopoly.

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