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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The cloud has lifted

I have not posted in a few days. I have not figured out why but I have been harboring a very horrible headache for the past few days. Debilitating. The type of headache where your entire head feels as if there are sharp knives or drills being pressed into it from every angle.
Then the headache turned into a fever, then a stomach ache. The best I could do is to sleep it off.

And here we are today, the cloud has lifted, and I feel human once again.

side note: kinda fun- so, youngest daughter was asked to her first school dance, homecoming right? The boy brought her flowers and a stuffed animal pink pig (she loves pigs and would have a pot bellied critter if her mother loved them as much). She has now been asked a second time. oh no, not what you are thinking, she is not such a darling that the boys are knocking down her door fighting over her, as well they should be.
Rachel was asked a second time however, by the same boy.
Here is the deal. As the dance isn't for a few more weeks, I understand that the boys mother was none too happy with her sons' 'lack of creativity' in asking a girl to a dance, so he asked a second time.
This time, he and his mother bought a puzzle, wrote the invite on the back of the assembled puzzle, then took it apart and put it back in the box. The box and a note were sent to her via 3-4 different people throughout school yesterday so that she did not know who it was from.
As I understand it, my daughter was also accused of being a boring date- excuse me? Because she only said 'yes'.
well, we cant be known as the boring people in town.. so we brainstormed. We had some extra birthday balloons hanging around and we have a helium tank in the yard.
I suggested that she fill up a few balloons put the answer in one, or the letters Y-E-S inside a few and then take the balloons to him. Easy enough. She didn't mention if she liked the idea but as she had to leave early this morning for Shakespeare festival practice, I can only tell by the evidence out on the table (balloon pkg- that girl cant put anything away) that she took up her mothers advice. We shall see.

Speaking of the Shakespeare festival, it is held in Cedar City, Utah every year, and it is a really big deal to my daughter who has hopes of becoming the next Audrey Hepburn. Well a few weeks ago, she tried out for the team and made it! I'm so proud of her. It seems there are different competitions or events to compete in. She will be in a group dance competition, where they will do a dance interpretation of one of Shakespeare's plays. The second event that she will be competing in is a stage and prop Olympics. Where they will have a set amount of time in order to place the props on the stage. This one I am not sure if it is a group or an individual task. I am so excited and will certainly post the outcome and some pictures if I get them. I only hope that we can scrape together the gas money for the 200 mile trip or else she will just go with the group on the bus and have to take some pictures herself.

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