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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

short week, cool nights and bad dreams

The weather here has still been unusually cool for this time of year. Usually that means I sleep like a baby all snuggled up in my down comforter. Not so last night.

I went to bed a little early, about 10. Set my sleep timer for half hour and in 5 minutes I was out. Great you say? no, just one hour later, I am wide open awake. Thousands of thoughts of unpaid bills, unfinished yard work, my dogs breathing heavy and shaking my bed, and one hundred other mundane and mixed thoughts, stirring in my head.

I tried everything... counting, counting backwards, pulling the covers up tight and warm, watching some boring TV, - nothing worked. My youngest daughter came in to see if I was still awake. I was groggy enough that my response was more of a mumble that appeared to come from across the room rather than my own two lips. She needed a permission slip for school, (see topic #2). In my stupor, I sat up, turned on the lamp, I'm not even sure what or whose signature I signed. She was happy, gave me a kiss and went to her own slumber.

I got up, got a glass of water, surly this would alleviate this silly sleeping issue. I was tired. second day of ,as we used to call it in grade school, 'a visit from my aunt sally' always sucks the life out of me. still- I lay- eyes open- counting the minutes on the clock.

I read somewhere that you should turn your clock away- that watching it only makes you sleep less, I turned it, but alas, kept sitting up to see what time it was, so i moved it out of reach. My older dog, Star, came in, laying by the side of my bed against the sliding door, as she lay, her big butt, (yes, she knows she has a big butt, and she is at terms with it) spreads apart the curtains just enough and in just the right position as to let the bright as sunlight rays of the street light of the adjoining street cast a sleepy eye piercing strobe of light right at my pillow. I rolled over and put a pillow over my head, but being the claustrophob that I am, that didn't last long. Then, the worst of the night. I hear a small waft of air (yes I said hear) coming from the ass of my younger dog, Blackjack, and that is NEVER good. Within seconds my lungs were afire from the putrid chest hair burning smell of a dog fart... Blackjack can clear a room in seconds when he is on a roll. But it is 12:30 am, I don't want to clear the room, I wanna sleep!
well, I finally fell asleep about 2:00 this morning, only to rise again at 6:30. I am a work zombie today. Oh well, maybe that means I will sleep better tonight. We can only hope.

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