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Monday, September 22, 2008

Later that night

When we got home from our short hike and ran a few errands, we sat down to watch a great movie from the 80's starring Robin Williams in one of his better roles, Dead Poet Society. Great writing. Any time I get a chance to share the wonderful 80's with my kids, well, I do, ad nauseam.

Then after the movie when our bodies had stiffened and rigor mortise had set in, we cooked a wonderful meal together. I found some recipes on a fellow blogger's site and we ate the best and most calorific meal we have had in a looong time.

First thing an appetizer of some ricotta filled Roma tomatoes. yummy

Here is Rachel - chef du jour workin it....

And then stuffin' it....

Speaking of tomatoes---Side note:

This is a pear tomato plant that we planted about 3 years ago... every year the darn things get saturated with fruit, we cant pick, or eat, or sell or give away fast enough then the frost hits and kills them all.. but there are so many seeds fallen by then, no need to plant again... it is taking over - remember Little shop of Horrors? I suddenly feel like Seymour...

But I digress,

after the yummy appetizers were ready

And half- eaten.

We put Chantel on KP duty peeling potatoes while

Rachel and I (and Chantel too) roasted garlic cloves...ahh the smell was heavenly. I think we all stunk of garlic all night- good thing we are single gals.

Then Pan-fried a Rib-eye- Just the best cut of meat known to man

and sliced it for serving

With the tomatoes and the Rib-eye we had some garlic mashed potatoes the most fattening potatoes with a whole stick of butter and a stick of cream cheese... ooohhh then add the roasted garlic and mash mash mash away all your frustrations..
there is no picture of the potatoes- by the time they were ready we were starving and well, no left-overs to be seen- even the dogs made out like bandits with the bones.

The rest of the evening we watched the Emmy's it was great to reminisce with the old show themes and the cast of laugh-in- coulda done without the 'reality show' emcee's. uughhh my daughters Jr high Drama class was more entertaining.

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  1. OMG yum! I haven't had garlic mashed potatoes in a long time. I think you've inspired me to make them soon! Also, the stuffed tomatoes look awesome. nom nom


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