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Saturday, September 13, 2008

One more Dragon to slay

Saturday morning and I am up early and shoveling dirt. After my divorce I was lucky enough to get the house, and the payments. My kids have always had a roof over their heads. That is our security. It has definitely been a godsend when things have become financially difficult to have a house in the neighborhood that my children have been able to spend their entire childhood in. Lifelong friends, neighbors, and the security of knowing that we aren't on the streets.
A few times in my 11 years as a single mother, things were tight enough financially that I was not sure if I would be able to keep the house. But things always have a way of working out and so far we have not only been able to keep it but make some minor improvements such as paint, new bathroom fixtures, carpeting and a few years ago I installed a pergo floor. I can be quite handy.

But alas, with every joy of owning your own house comes an equal responsibility and maintenance. As stated above, I can be handy. I am a very amateur plumber, carpenter, electrician, fence builder, floor installer, dry-Waller, and many many other very mediocre trades of all Jacks and Jill's for that matter.

However, These can become daunting, overwhelming even. The more time that goes on, the more tasks there are. Without a honey- the honey-do's seem to pile up. The more tasks that need completing, the more the price goes up. The older that my children get, it seems, the more they cost. and Things around here are going to hell in a hand basket.

For instance, the yard. I admit, a lot of it is my own doing. Neglected yards can sure get out of control in a hurry. The longer they are left unattended the more work you have cut out for you. Well lets just say that the past 8 years I have been in night school and working full-time as both an employee and a mother. My yard is beginning to look like the jungles of Africa.

Today- shovel in hand, I made quite a dent. But not near the dent I had hoped. Although the air is getting cooler, nights longer, this weekend is still in the 80's and drains the energy right out of you in a hurry.

Here is just a sampling of what I am working with here: As I attempt to add my first photo to my page.

I live in a city that does not replace broken or damaged sidewalks, it is the responsibility of the property owner. In this last picture, is an irrigation ditch. the green on the left, is a narrow strip of dirt/weeds that runs between the sidewalk and the street (or in this case, the ditch). I live on a corner lot so i have 2 of these strips. Neither of which has the nice strip of green healthy grass that I wish they did. rather weeds, and an overabundance of rocky soil that has built up over time. If you look just past the utility pole in the picture you can see that although the city just did some repair work on the corner that I live, they neglected to finish the pavement all the way to my corner. On both my side of the street and across the other side, the asphalt stops at my property line. I do not have an answer as to the reasoning for this. This strip of the road, approx 5 feet by 40 feet on either side, can be a bear to keep weed and clutter free. As this is a 4-way stop sign, trash and other very odd things end up in this area.
It is my duty, as the property owner, to not only keep this area weed free and presentable, but also the ditch (which I do not have use of, only those with water rights) must be cleared at all times. This week I will be sending off a letter to the city- to attempt to get this small piece of road completed. I hope it will not fall on deaf ears. The silliest part of this is that this would have been a 10 min project when the city workers repaired the road and already had all their equipment here.
I know it sure costs me a lot of money ever year- in labor hours and weed knockout products. Wish me luck!

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